Volusion Crash: Sorry our shopping cart went down today

Unfortunately, our site had a major hiccup this morning. You should be able to order now. Our store is powered by Volusion, one of the major shopping cart systems out there. Customers all over the planet experienced similar problems. We’re up and running now, though!

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  1. Volusion is down again, all morning now for about the dozenth time this year. Can’t get any response from telephone support or “live” chat.

    This is all they say on their “status” page.

    “We are aware that some customers are experiencing interruptions with storefront functionality. We recognize the urgency of this issue and are dedicated to delivering a fast resolution. Engineers have been notified and are working to resolve. We will update this page as we learn more details.”

    Their twitter feed is silent on the issue. They just keep tweeting feel good warm and fuzzy mumbo jumbo while our sites are down. I had to hear about my site outage from one of my customers.

    They need to move everything back to rackspace. Enough is enough. Time to find a more reliable service.

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