Social Networking Reunions Help Reconnect Classmates, Workmates, Etc.

Can you imagine getting reacquainted with people you once played with side-by-side in the school yard, or worked with on projects at former employers?

With the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites coming into the homes of everyday mainstream Americans, it stands to reason that social networking reunions with former classmates and workmates may suddenly become as popular as family reunions.

Such social networking reunions are not like the traditional, committee-run high school reunion that requires weekend reservations at some fancy hotel. Social networking reunions are more like backyard get-together’s around the barbecue with people you used to know well, have lost touch with, then reconnected with via a social networking website.

Experts tell us that social networking reunions are actually more genuine than the high school reunion because the participants are hand-picked by each other to rekindle their past relationships and contacts. That makes social networking reunions more ”real” and powerful in some ways.

Groups of people that were separated by relocations, job changes, or family circumstances and who attend social networking reunions may even find new friends among their old contacts.

Hey, can you imagine how much fun it would be for attendees to have a cookbook made with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software after one of these social networking reunions?

Have everyone bring a recipe (or remember it on the spot) and make a cookbook with their addresses, photos, and stories after the social networking reunion.

A social networking reunion cookbook. Now, that’s an idea!

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  1. What a great Idea. I would have never thought of any thing like this. So I’m going to start with my own family reunion and maybe the younger generation will keep it going.


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