Grandma’s Recipe Box, Grandma’s Recipe Book or Grandma’s Recipe Cards: Which Would You Choose?

Grandma’s magic kitchen had the power to transport us. With Grandma’s cookies as sustenance, we could be transported from our backyard tent (made with blankets draped over the clothesline) to wonderfully exotic places we only read about in storybooks. If you had the chance to select one keepsake from your Grandma’s kitchen, either Grandma’s Recipe Box, Grandma’s Recipe Book, or Grandma’s Recipe Cards, which one would you choose?

Grandma’s Recipe Box
This prized possession contained the essence of favorite family meals. Grandma’s recipe box with its wooden, metal, fabric or plastic construction made it sturdy, even if dropped from a kitchen counter while madly dodging spilt milk. The dents and scratches on Grandma’s recipe box prove its worth as a fixture in Grandma’s magic kitchen.  Grandma’s recipe box is empty now, waiting for new recipes to protect. Is Grandma’s recipe box destined to reside in your own kitchen, where you can create magical kitchen memories for your own grandchildren? Yes or No?

Grandma’s Recipe Book
A treasure trove of tried-and-true (and still untried) recipes resides within the yellowing pages of Grandma’s recipe book. She carefully wrote down the formulas for favorite family meals on notebook paper in her own handwriting and made what came to be known as Grandma’s recipe book. Somewhere in the back of Grandma’s recipe book are scraps of paper with more recipes she meant to neatly copy onto the notebook paper and get organized.  Is Grandma’s recipe book one of the cherished keepsakes you would choose from her magic kitchen?  Yes or No?

Grandma’s Recipe Cards
Perhaps the most intimate of all Grandma’s tools in the kitchen, Grandma’s recipe cards conjure up scenes of countertops sprinkled with flour and rolling pins; of baked cinnamon smells wafting into the sitting room; of pot roast simmering for the Sunday meal.  Grandma’s recipe cards are most likely spotted, splotched and grease-stained, and sport her unmistakable handwriting now fading with age. Grandma’s recipe cards represent the labor of love in preparing food for the family. Are Grandma’s recipe cards the keepsake you would choose, if you had the choice to choose a keepsake from Grandma’s magical kitchen. Yes or No?

So, which of three possible keepsakes from your Grandma’s kitchen would you choose to enjoy for now and pass down to your kids, and why?  Grandma’s Recipe Box, Grandma’s Recipe Book, or Grandma’s Recipe Cards? There is no right answer. Just the enduring memory of a magical kitchen that satisfied our tummies and filled our heads with thoughts of greater things.

Which one would you choose?


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