My Little Recipe Box: 20 Uses

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My little recipe box has been serving me well for many years (incuding keeping recipes for my family cookbook). Every time I have misplaced something in the house (which is frequently of late), I always go look in my little recipe box, because I never know what I will find in there.

You might think it odd, but my little recipe box has had a whole other life besides its original use. Here are some of the items that have found their way into my little recipe box over time:

1. Car keys and house keys (you’ll always know where they are)
2. 4 x 6 envelopes and note cards (I use the bigger 4 x 6 recipe box)
3. Index cards for list making
4. Postcards from past vacations
5. Photographs
6. Post-it® Note pads
7. Scrapbooking paper
8. Discount food coupons
9. Business cards
10. Cut up unsolicited credit cards to shred
11. Golf balls & tees
12. Highlighter markers
13. Teabags (in 2 rows)
14. Language flash cards
15. PEZ® candy refill packs, or chewing gum packs
16. Rubber bands
17. Old tangled necklaces
18. Clippings about websites to explore
19. Make-up
20. Oh, yes. Recipes are nice, too.

My little recipe life sure has a life of its own. What do you keep in your little recipe box?


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