Menu Planning Notepad Evolves From a Big Idea


Call me old fashioned, but I like to write my menu planning ideas on a sheet of paper using my favorite pencil or pen of the day. Sometimes I feel guilty using a whole sheet of paper to jot down menu planning ideas. (Guess my green conservative ways leak out now and again.)

To curb my penchant for “give an inch take a mile scribbling,” I used to fold a whole sheet of paper in half, and then write my menu planning ideas on the vertical half sheet of paper. (By writing my menu planning ideas with the half-sheet positioned vertically, I felt I had more room to be creative.)

After years of writing my menu planning ideas on scraps of folded paper scavenged from my stack of printed surplus (you know, the pages that print with only one line on them), I finally realized that I could be more efficient in my menu planning with a pre-printed menu planning notepad.

So, I put the word out among our staff at and we found a menu planning notepad that we now offer on our website along with other cooking-related accessories and our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software.

Our menu planning notepad is a 5″ x 7″ size and has 75 sheets to make it easier to plan menus for all 52 weeks of the year (as well as a few parties, too). It is designed with 7 spaces to help plan daily meals, and also to prepare a shopping list of ingredients needed to prepare those meals. Our menu planning notepad is cute, too, with a plump chef decorating the top of the pages. And, oh yes, it is magnetic and will stick to metal surfaces so the family can see in advance when their favorite dish will be served.

Now I can use my menu planning notepad when I go shopping for last minute incidentals that I may have forgotten to include on my general shopping list because I didn’t check my family cookbook first.  (You can’t really make Chicken Veronique without the grapes, you know!)

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