Family Cookbook Pleases All at Family Reunion

We got a lovely note about family cookbooks at family reunions from our software user Colette Surovy of Canada. Colette’s family reunion was held July 3-5 with a grand 165 people attending from all over Canada and the United States.

Colette made a family cookbook for her family reunion using Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software. She collected recipes from family members approximately four months in advance and had a wonderful response from her enthusiastic relatives.

The final product was a family cookbook containing more than 100 pages.  Instead of printing a multitude of copies at substantial expense, Colette printed one copy of the family cookbook.  This sample was used for display so everyone could see the beautiful family cookbook she created.  One lucky family member walked away with this printed copy of the family cookbook as a door prize given away at the catered family dinner on Saturday night.

Other family reunion activities included a family Tug-O-War, and a horseshoe tournament (with prize awarded). “Our mantra for the weekend was ‘If the kids are happy, then the adults are happy'” Collette writes.

In addition to the action-oriented activities, the family held a raffle to win prizes/gift items donated by family members, such as:

– Photo albums
– Old photographs reproduced onto collector-style plates
– Family reunion aprons
– A family reunion art-quilt made by an aunt that included old family pictures on it

So, what about all the other relatives who were disappointed that they didn’t win the family cookbook door prize?  Colette made copies of the cookbook (in pdf format no doubt) and burned CD’s for everyone. That way the family members could carry the memento easier while traveling, and they can print the family cookbook at their own expense later (if they so choose).

The CD label was customized with a wedding and 25th anniversary photo of Colette’s grandparents (which also appeared in the family cookbook, along with Colette’s collection of old family photos).

“Everyone was very happy to have them in their own family history records,” she writes. “Our family reunion was a huge success, and I was so pleased to have played a role in it.”

Colette, we are so very happy that Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software helped make the family reunion a bit more special. Thanks for sharing some of your great ideas for family reunions with us.

Happy cookbooking,


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