Friends & Family Cookbooks


Sometimes your friends are your family. Sometimes friends expand our dining horizons more than family members can — teaching us new ways to enjoy food, or broadening our exposure to exotic ingredients they’ve gleaned from traveling, networking or socializing with other friends.

I once introduced a friend to the wonders of jicama with lime and salted chilé powder, and 25 years later he still remembers me for that as we reconnected on Facebook!

Sometimes we choose our friends from many different groups of unrelated people who touch us in some way:

– School chums
– Work friends
– Neighbors
– Fellow worshipers
– Members of local clubs or community groups
– Sports league participants
– Hobby enthusiasts

The list can go on and on.

The point being that even though friends are not related to you, they can be part of your family cookbook, and reflect whatever you determine your family to be.

Therefore, making a homemade family cookbook that includes recipes from friends (or includes only recipes from friends) is quite logical for those whose family ties are stronger for friends than blood relatives.

Hmm. Creating a family cookbook with recipes from friends. Just think what a great gift that could be!

(Because sometimes friends are better than family.)

Happy cookbooking,


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