Try a Cookbook for Your Next Church Fundraiser


Do you belong to a church or other organization that can benefit from fundraising activities?  If so, you might want to consider creating a cookbook to sell to members of your local community.

With a powerful cookbook software, you can create a cookbook easily and quickly. Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Ask via email or in a meeting who would like to contribute recipes and/or help with the cookbook production.  We recommend Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software as the key cookbook software for this purpose.

2. From your group of volunteers, nominate a core set of three people to collect and input the recipes and photos for the cookbook. Depending upon the complexity of the recipe, typing recipes into the software should take only 5-10 minutes per recipe to complete. You can also cut and paste into the recipe template for even faster results. 

3. Ask another group of volunteers to write up any bios for recipe contributors (if you want them included) and provide the files to your cookbook production group.

4. Have the cookbook production group make up a sample cookbook.

5. Recruit another group to do the final cookbook proofreading.

6. Calculate your printing and production costs for one complete cookbook.  Set your selling price for the cookbook at a suggested twice to four times the cost of printing one copy.  (You have to be the judge as to what price will sell in your area.)

7. Take orders for the cookbooks and print single copies to order (you can always set a specific day each month to produce the cookbook orders, and then deliver them the next day).  The beauty is that you can take orders and print up just the number of cookbooks you need to fulfill the cookbook orders. No storage space or money will be tied up in printed cookbooks you may never sell.

8. Get ready for a steady stream of cookbook income for the church or other organization.  When everyone in the church or organization tires of the cookbook, you can discontinue publishing it at any time without any losses or further investment. You can also update it easily and sell it again as version 2.0.

So, do consider creating a cookbook if you belong to a church or organization that needs ways to raise funds for beneficial projects. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, too.

Happy cookbooking,


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