Perfect Gifts for All Kinds of Moms on Mother’s Day

We are not shy about toting our excellent wares around here at The Cookbook People. We’ve got some really terrific gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day (or any day).  We’ve profiled a few gift Mom candidate types to give you some ideas as to which type of Mom would most like the recommended Mother’s Day gift item:

The Collector Mom
She loves to keep stuff. Lots of stuff. Sometimes any old stuff. Hates to throw anything away, especially old recipe cards she keeps together with a stretched rubber band that could break at any moment. She’s the ideal gift Mom candidate for one of our great recipe boxes. Yeah, it would be new but we’ve got some great designs she will love.

The Tech Mom
From Star Trek movies to tweeting on Twitter, this Mom is connected to her friends and family through her cell, her email, her wi-fi, her website and MySpace and Facebook pages. She is a gift Mom candidate who could appreciate the streamlined beauty of our well organized cookbook software as a place to easily store and manage recipes.

The Scrapbooker Mom
Snipping away happily for new recipe ideas in magazines and newspapers is this gift Mom candidate’s favorite pastime. How about giving her a cool recipe binder to keep her old scrap recipe clippings from magazines and newspapers in one place?

The Social Mom
If everyone drifts to the kitchen and kitchen table in a house of many larger rooms, this “giving” gift Mom candidate would be a great (and grateful) recipient of a surprise family gathering to help her put together a family cookbook (using Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software). Everyone rotates sitting down at the computer to enter their own favorite recipes, leaving Mom to chat and bake the chocolate chip mint cookies.

The Messy Mom
She’s the Mom with the eternal stain on her clothes, even though she uses gallons of stain remover but, sure enough, plops another stain in its place immediately upon wearing any garment. She really isn’t a slob; just a bit messy in her approach. Our suggestion for this gift Mom candidate would be a cookbook stand to help neaten the kitchen counters.

With all these gift Mom candidates out there, think of the possibilities our products present for helping them enjoy their special day.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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