Family Cookbook Recipe Titles Can Elevate Family Recipes for the Greater Good

When making your family recipe cookbook, it is always a challenge to make the family cookbook recipe titles a bit more fun and exciting. This is because we get so used to saying “Grandma’s popovers” for the family recipe instead of something more exotic, such as “Miss Lucy’s Genuine Buttery Popovers.”

Likewise, “Grandma Harriet’s Blazingly Bold Riblets” is much more intriguing to family members perusing the family recipe cookbook than plain old “Spicy Spareribs.”

Basically, the family cookbook recipe titles should have three things in common:

1. Be descriptive as well as interesting

2. Attract attention and provide information

3. Have a connection to the author (it is okay to use the family member/author’s name in the family cookbook recipe title, if appropriate)

A descriptive title will make the particular family cookbook recipe easier to remember and to find later by anyone wanting to make the family recipe.  If you get stumped on a more creative name for a family recipe, don’t fret. You might request the help of family members; even have a friendly family competition to name a recipe for the family cookbook!

Some of our wonderful customers who use our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software to make their family cookbooks have even gone beyond creative family cookbook recipe titles to make their family cookbook unique. Using the “recipe type” field in the Recipe Template, they have sectioned all recipes by a family member’s name (instead of the more traditional “Appetizers, Main Dishes, or Desserts” section headings).  That is a very clever way to focus on favorite individual family recipes as well as celebrating the tastes of a specific family member.

Have you come up with more ways to personalize your family cookbook with our family cookbook recipe software? We would love to hear about it.  Meanwhile, enjoy making your own family cookbook and being creative with your recipe titles.

Happy Cookbooking!


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  1. I created recipe categories labeled Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, as our family has traditional dishes for each of these holidays. Here’s a tip for you: If you want to create a short narrative under these headings before the recipes start, just use asterisks in the recipe title, such as *Thanksgiving* and then type in anything you want in the body. Since the recipes are alphabetized, the asterisked title will show up first!

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