Add Creepy Crawly Halloween Donut Spiders to Your Family Cookbook

Halloween donut spiders

Halloween donut spiders

This time of year, thoughts are turning toward what amusing ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggedy beasties will show up on our doorsteps on Halloween night.  Yes, it is almost time for trick-or-treaters to make their way to our front doors!

My favorite Halloween payout to these little extortionists is usually a non-frozen ice pop or two. I like ice pops because they are extremely inexpensive (a box of 100 for under $5); parents like ice pops because they are safe (if punctured by mean spirits, they leak); and the kids love ’em because, well, they are kids and think I give them ice cream!

The most fun I have for Halloween is making treats for adult observances. Some years back I made Halloween donut spiders for the ladies club, and they were such a hit. I reprise the idea* here as follows:

A box of chocolate-covered mini-donuts
Chow mein noodles
Red Hots, or mini-M&M’s (preferred)
Chocolate frosting


1. Legs
Insert 4 curly chow mein noodles into the sides of each donut, trying to keep them close together so the legs are somewhat anatomically correct (as spiders go anyway).

2. Fangs
Find a chow mein noodle that is shaped like a U or V, and insert it on an empty section of the donut. If you can’t find this shape, use 2 short curly chow mein noodles for the fangs.

3. Eyes
Select 2 like-colored mini-M&M’s (or Red Hots), and dab each with a bit of frosting. Place each eye above the fangs.

Voila! Cute Halloween donut spiders everyone loves so much they don’t eat them. (They typically take them home and save them till they are petrified or the dog gets hold of them. Don’t worry, there probably isn’t much real chocolate in the chocolate-covered mini-doughnuts to cause poochy any harm.)

Now you can add this food craft to your family cookbook under “cute, brilliant, fun” things to do for “holidays.”  Just watch out for things that go bump in the night.

* Originally appeared in “Taste of Home” magazine if I remember correctly.

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