Make My Day: Iced Coffee Drinks Can Give A Different Kind of Morning Wake Up

We all have our moments, and today I had one that’s too good not to share. This morning I was thirstier than usual, and really wasn’t in the mood for a cup of decaf or green tea after my workout. So I thought, instead of just water, how about one of those cold, fancy frappe-type iced coffee drinks instead?

I’ve had these iced coffee drinks at the coffee bars. I’m a cookbook software entrepreneur, and I’ve been around long enough to be able to figure out how to do this simple iced coffee beverage and not have to run out to get one for around $40 dollars a gallon (and we think gas prices are high).

So here’s what I did to make my iced coffee drink:

1 tsp decaf instant coffee
2 tsp Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder
8 oz. non-fat milk (it froths and thickens better than whole)
1 packet sugar substitute (or 2 teaspoons regular sugar, or to taste)
2 cups of ice cubes

Into my blender container, I added the ice and sweetener packet as the foundation to my iced coffee drink. I quickly dissolved the coffee and cocoa in a little hot water from my instant hot water dispenser (can’t wait for the microwave anymore), and poured it in. (Another shortcut to an iced coffee drink is a hot chocolate packet mixed with coffee with no sweetener added.) Then I used the milk to rinse out the small cup that contained the dissolved coffee and cocoa, and poured it all into the blender over the ice.

When I pushed the “blend” button, the blender began to purr. There was my anticipated iced coffee drink whirring around in the blender, ice being hurtled and chopped and non-fat milk nicely thickening the whole concoction.

Pleased with myself, I turned around for just a moment to let the dog out. In that moment, about half of the blender’s iced coffee drink contents leaked onto the granite countertop. It wasn”t until I finished sopping up the mess that I noticed a new brown pattern on my white kitchen wall. Oh well. What was left in the blender container of my iced coffee drink was pretty good, and maybe not barista quality, but just fine for me.

Next time I make an iced coffee drink, I just have to remember to screw the blender blade on tighter!

Happy cookbooking,


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  1. Matilda, you just crack me up!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. I just read this one! I have to agree with you Pam. Hilarious indeed!!!


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