Top 5 Ways Cookbook Templates Make Recipes Easy and Fun to Format

Cookbook templates are such an easy and fun way to create cookbooks for you, your family and friends, and even for those fundraising projects that inevitably come up.

Using a cookbook template is a tried and true results-getting process steeped in many crafting traditions. For example, sewing hobbyists use patterns. Interior decorators use stencils. Painters and muralists use outlines. So using a cookbook template to automatically format a professional-looking family recipe cookbook makes sense.

Here are 5 ways cookbook templates can help you have more fun making your cookbook:

1. A cookbook template can reflect your taste.
With some cookbook templates you can add recipes and designs that reflect your own personal tastes. Perhaps you prefer flowers on the front and back covers and plain pages on the inside. By being able to choose different cookbook templates for each design element (such as covers, recipe pages, bio pages and address books) you can easily customize the cookbook to your own preferences.

2. A cookbook template can reflect your audience.

If the cookbook is to be a gift or fundraising project, the best cookbook templates will allow you to customize the look and content according to the recipient’s preferences. For example, you should be able to re-package your own cookbook’s recipes into an entirely different cookbook your Aunt Martha (the Irish fanatic) will love by selecting a cookbook template featuring a Celtic design for the cover, recipe pages and back cover. You should be able to do the same for a church or devout religious person, or for the Mom who loves photos of her kids.

3. A cookbook template can reflect the occasion.

Let’s say there is a wedding or family reunion coming up. Will the cookbook software have existing templates for these occasions, or can you create your own page banners by using photographs or drawings you add to the cookbook template. You should also be able to use a cookbook template to reflect a special season or holiday, such as Christmas or Hanukkah.

4. A cookbook template can make typing easier.
Typing recipes into a cookbook recipe template also makes the job faster and more uniform. Some of the best cookbook templates won’t let you duplicate a recipe name. If you have several recipes from the same person, cookbook recipe templates often allow you to select the name instead of typing it again. Some cookbook software makes you click here and there to add ingredients in different fields. I find it much easier to just type in what I want in one big box as fast as possible, then go back and make quick adjustments.

5. A cookbook template can make it easier to organize recipes.
Using a cookbook template that allows you to add your own categories makes it very easy to customize your cookbook even further. Often you can choose which category the recipe fits in, such as standard “Soup” or “Bread” choices, or add your own dish category, such as “Brunches,” or “Italian” to the recipe template. This feature is very helpful if you have a variety of unusual recipes.

Cookbook templates give you practically endless choices to personalize and customize your cookbook creations. Whichever cookbook software you choose for making a cookbook, make sure it has user friendly cookbook templates that make sense for you. We feel this is the core strength of our own cookbook software. We designed ours to be click-easy and flexible, with lots of choices. If you haven’t seen them already, come check out our great cookbook templates!

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