Honoring one of the many who have valiantly served our country

Thought I’d pass along a nice tribute to a Medal of Honor Marine fundraiser. Here’s the correspondence we’ve had with the organizer:

The fundraiser that we are attempting is a cookbook to be titled “Larry’s Own.” Cpl Larry E. Smedley was the youngest person in the Vietnam War to receive the Medal of Honor. He received the Medal posthumously, shortly before what would have been his 19th birthday. Larry wasn’t born here in Orlando, but this is where he was raised and where he and his mother lived when he went into the Marine Corps at 17 years of age. You can find the information on Larry’s heroism at http://www.medalofhonor.com/LarrySmedley.htm .

Since Larry’s death the city of Orlando and the state of Florida have done almost nothing to honor Larry and to show respect for his deeds. The City has renamed an existing study hall at the high school he attended after him and the State has renamed a short section of intrastate 4 after him. Together we believe that the have spent about $300.00. Last year we the Marine Corps League Detachment bearing his name took lease on a small building win the downtown area of Orlando and are using it as a Memorial and public Museum in his honor.

For our cookbook project we have asked members of the Detachment, members of Larry’s family and other Marines of public prominence to submit a recipe or two along with a little background on where the got the recipe and what they have done with it to make it their own. I have received recipes from politicians, professional writers and other prominent business professionals. We hope to put together this cookbook and offer it for sale to our members and the general public through our Museum and our website www.mclorlando.org. The proceeds from the cookbook will be used to help us pay the costs of the Museum and to bring in more memorabilia from Larry’s time here in Orlando and from his time in the Vietnam War.

We are a small Detachment with less than 100 members and I am responsible for putting this thing together since I was the one to come up with the idea in the first place.

Any help you could give us with the software etc would be greatly appreciated as right now I am attempting to do it in Word, and frankly I am not having much luck with doing it.

Dan Mills
Cpl Larry E. Smedley (MOH) Detachment
c/o 2707 Tierra Cir.
Winter Park, FL 32792

One of The Cookbook People owners replied:
Hi, Dan-
Sounds like a pretty worthy cause. I’m having one of our customer service people email you a link to where you can download our software and activate it for free.
I’d also like to add your email to our blog, if that’s ok. Might send a little traffic to your site. I’ll also personally pitch in $50 to buy your first cookbook.
Ted Miller
The Cookbook People

He responded:

I wanted to say thank you for the contribution of your software to help us get this worthy project off the ground.
As far as your question adding our email to your blog, I think it is a fantastic idea!. The cookbook is coming along slowly but surely. From my own personal collection of cookbooks I have been able to add recipes from both Dwight D and Mamie Eisenhower, Gen, Curtis E. LeMay, Ethel Skakel Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, and George C. Marshall (of the Marshall Plan) among others. There are already recipes from several “flag grade” officers as well. I am putting them in the book as I receive them and don’t have any idea as to the total scope that the book will have as yet.
I have to say that the software is an excellent resource as it is very easy to use and it is straight forward in its approach. Another nice thing that I have seen with your software is the neat way it interrogates with Word and Excel for the addition of a “Food Terms” glossary and a list of measurement equations.
In your email you said, “I’ll also personally pitch in $50 to buy your first cookbook.” Thank you Sir, I certainly will take you up on that when we go to press.
Thanks again Ted to both you and Pam for all your help and support,
Dan Mills
Cpl Larry E. Smedley Detachment
Department of Florida

NoLOAD Marine*
*No Longer On Active Duty

We wish you luck in your worthy cause, Dan, and we are grateful for the service you, Cpl Smedley, and all the other brave soldiers perform for our country.


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