Donate to build a school in Africa and we’ll match it!

One of our customer’s children is raising funds to build a school in Africa. They want to use our software to create a cookbook to raise funds for their cause, which I think is a delightful idea. I donated our cookbook software and $100 as soon as I heard about it.

But you can help too!

1. Click here to donate to their cause. Donate whatever you feel like. In the “Ecard” section, notify us (Matilda Miller at  That way I’ll know you’ve donated.

2. Buy a copy of our software.

3. We’ll donate $10 to the same charity, and send an Ecard back to you to let you know we’ve donated.

Who knows if we’ll raise all the funds they are going after, but it never hurts to try!


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  1. I read a cookbook that is helping raise money for the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY. It is called, The Adirondack Cookbook by James Hewitt. Each recipe had either a story or a bit of facts to go with it. Entertaining ad good food.

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