"What a great way
to symbolize
the joining of
two families!"

Make a wedding cookbook the Bride and Groom will love

Whether you want to:

• Make a single, simple cookbook for the newlyweds

• Create 10 cookbooks for just the wedding party

• Produce 300 cookbooks for all the wedding guests

Our software makes it easy to build a wedding cookbook that will make the bride thrilled.

Here's a story from an actual customer:

I put together a wedding cookbook for my daughter's wedding. But I didn't just make a copy for the couple--I put them out for all of the wedding guests. It had a photo of them on the cover and recipes from both families.

What a great way to symbolize the joining of two families! And everybody left with a keepsake that was actually meaningful. I think it was a big hit.

The software I used is Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software. It's EXTREMELY easy to use and is both fun and funny. Funny in a good way--they really gave this software a fun atmosphere with a real sense of humor. Just go to the website and you'll see what I mean.

I'm LDS (Mormon), so I used their Mormon template. But their software has about twenty or so other templates for all kinds of tastes, religious and otherwise.

The cookbooks cost me about $15 each to print at Kinkos. It was a small wedding with about 12 family groups, so I printed off one cookbook for each family group, with six or so extra for single girls who were there. (I didn't bother making cookbooks for everyone--most men would look at it like it was a tampon.)

Anyway, for $270 total, plus $27 for the great software, my daughter and her guests had a unique memento. Considering how much people waste on weddings for silly things nobody will ever remember (ice sculptures? ugh), it was the best bargain possible.

Thank you, Cookbook People, for helping me on my daughter's wedding!

Salt Lake City, UT