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How our cookbook software works

Buy our cookbook software, install it on your computer, and you're up and running. Because it's on your own computer it's safe and secure. (Beware of any recipe book website where you type in your recipes online--all the hard work you put into your cookbook could vanish tomorrow if that dot com goes out of business.)

Below is a short demo of our cookbook software. Please turn your volume up.

To stop demo, click the Blue Square. To restart it, click Square then Triangle.

Click here for a longer 10 minute cookbook software demo.

Three simple steps to making a cookbook with our software: Type in recipes, type in people, print your template!

Our software is incredibly easy to use. There are only three screens. We'll show you here how to use them to:

• Type in the recipes you'd like to appear in your cookbook.

• Type in the people you'd like to appear in your cookbook.

• Choose a design from our selection of cookbook samples and hit print!