5 Ways with Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food.  They can be lumpy, smooth, thick, or thin, and they will still be delicious.  Mashed potatoes have a certain quality that makes fans know “everything will be okay.” Continue reading

Make a Family Cookbook During Family History Month

To the delight of many family researchers and genealogists, some states have designated October as “Family History Month.”  The month-long observance is meant to bring families together in a kind of family reunion to remember loved ones, tell their stories, and celebrate current family traditions. Continue reading

Recipe Card Albums Keep Precious Memories

Keeping precious memories of family food traditions becomes more important as family members age. Sometimes the elder members of a family are gone before we remember to ask for that excellent lemon pie recipe or the secret ingredient for beef bourguignon. Continue reading

Labor Day Picnic

The last official “free” days of summer are just before Labor Day, when everyone starts thinking about school projects, autumn Halloween fun, the holidays, and cooler weather. We still have some warm summer days to enjoy the outdoors, so it would be nice to plan a Labor Day picnic. Continue reading

Lettuce Enjoy Peruvian Dipping Sauce

A dear friend who lived in Peru for many years recently shared this condiment recipe for her Peruvian dipping sauce that is very delicious on just about anything. For that summer get together or family reunion that needs something a little different, try this Peruvian dipping sauce recipe: Continue reading

5 Shortcuts You Can Take to Make a Family Recipe Book (Absurd)

If you want to make a family recipe book but your family is not cooperating (or you are running out of time because your family reunion or wedding is approaching quickly), then consider one of the 5 (absurd) shortcuts below that will help you make a family recipe book: Continue reading

Taste Memories & Time Travel

Not sure about everyone else, but when I taste certain foods my mind wanders back to a different time. The time travel I experience through taste memories isn’t déjà vu (which is an odd phenomenon itself), but an overwhelming sensation of nostalgia, mild sadness, and glee, all at the same time. Continue reading

Top 4 Supplementary Software to Use with Matilda

Every once in awhile, I’ll speak with customers who have questions about supplementary software that they can use to help create their family cookbooks.

After a bit of personal trial and error, I have found, and often use, the following very helpful supplementary software programs. Many other software products probably exist and do similar jobs, but I like the ones described below best because they work and because they are mostly free. Thus, my top 4 supplementary software to use with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software are: Continue reading