What a Hoot: Trailer Trash Theme Dinner Party

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Last weekend I attended a most unique dinner party that featured a trailer trash theme. It was the first time I’d even heard of such a thing, and I admit it was a lot of fun.

The hostess had a large back yard, and used it to full advantage. (No, she didn’t haul in an old Airstream for the trailer trash theme party, but it would have been a nice touch. LOL)

Here are some of her trailer trash theme decorating ideas:
- Big posters of NASCAR scenes
- Folding lawn chairs
- Jerry Springer shows projected on a sheet clothes-pinned (is that a verb?) to a clothesline that also had a few unmentionables attached
- Steel tubs and coolers of iced beer and sodas
- Microwave placed outdoors
- Old tires
- Pink flamingo lawn decorations
- A string of lights with some Christmas ornaments attached
- Charcoal bbq
- An old pick up truck with a sign saying “Party Here”

The trailer trash theme menu consisted of mostly casual fare:
- Cheese Whiz on crackers
- Cheese puffs
- Vienna sausages
- Onion dip
- Doritos
- Hot dogs & hot dog buns
- Whole dill pickles
- Chicken nuggets
- TV dinners (guests pick one from a cooler and microwave it)
- Cold pork & beans with saltine crackers
- Twinkies or Moon Pies for dessert

Guests got into the trailer trash theme by wearing spandex, big hair with rollers, and extreme makeup. One “gentleman” wore a white tank-type undershirt, trucker cap, huge belt buckle, and a mullet hairdo.

What a hoot! The trailer trash theme dinner party was fairly simple, but very creative. I took more notes, and am adding this idea to my theme party section of my family cookbook. Oh yeah, our hostess even crowned a king and queen of the trailer trash trailer park. Funny.

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